How to Motivate Yourself to Start Working Out

Summer is a specifically difficult time for self-consciousness. There are all these good looking people around you and all you can think of is: Why can’t I be one of them? You constantly focus on your flaws, feeling ashamed to wear summer clothes. It’s easier to hide chubbiness and some floppiness in winter than summer. In summer, it’s practically impossible. So, what do you do? You promise yourself to start working out and get in shape until the next summer. Have you finally decided to wait for the next summer fully prepared? Good, but how can you make sure to keep that promise to yourself? Let’s try and help you stick to the plan this time.

Getting started

It’s not that hard to start working out. There is usually motivation in the beginning. Once you make that decision you’ll still be impacted by that initial spark for some time. The real trick is to keep the routine, especially during that first period when you’re having a tough time and the results aren’t there yet. One trick is not to procrastinate. That means you should have some tricks up your sleeve such as creating a habit. Once it’s time for your workout, don’t think too much. Put your workout clothes on and once you’ve done that, it will be harder to give up.

Be equipped

You know all those internet and media fitness people who always wear flashy and fancy, usually expensive, workout clothes? Well, it’s actually not just for show, at least not all of it. You can always compromise when it comes to the budget you’re willing to set aside for your equipment, but some of it, like having proper Ryderwear gym shoes can really make your training much easier and pleasurable. You should also buy clothes that are tight and made to absorb sweat, as well as enable your skin to breathe. It’s important, since the workout is intense and your body is going through some struggles in order to keep up, so it doesn’t need the additional stress of not having the right equipment.

Keep a journal

Write down how you feel after every workout. Focus on how amazing and rewarding it feels. Write thoroughly about how the after-workout shower feels great and how your body is thankful after every session. Also, note how your muscles are instantly in better shape and how easier you find it to climb the stairs or crouch while doing everyday housework. In addition, keep track of the progress you made. In time, your performance will increase and you’ll be able to do everything much better than before. In times of struggle and when you think about giving up, take the journal and read it. Think about how beneficial it is for you and that will give you the strength to carry on.


It’s very important to try and keep it interesting. Mix it up a bit. As soon as you become fed up with the same workout routine, feel free to change it. There are always options to stay active. If you don’t feel like doing any exercise, go for a run or a bike ride. You can go ice-skating or roller blading, depending on the season, or you can go to the pool for a swim. It’s very important to make it your everyday habit to do a form of physical activity. In time, your body and mind will make it a natural and regular thing and you’ll soon begin to feel a need for exercising.

Stop eating junk

Junk food gives us only short term pleasure and long term suffering. Surely, you cannot stop entirely, but try to kick those bad unhealthy habits that are stopping you from getting the look you desire. When you start living a healthier life, it will be more natural for you to work out. Moreover, eating healthy food gives you energy and will to exercise, while junk food only makes you sleepy and slows your metabolism down.

Don’t be your own enemy. Always know how important it is to stay in shape and live healthily. It’s not that hard, but it takes time, effort and discipline. It’s a change of lifestyle and it’s permanent. You can’t think about sacrificing a few months to get in shape and then go back to your old ways. The body requires constant care and that shape needs to be maintained.