What You Need to Know about Real Funeral Costs in the UK

Death is always untimely, and it often comes when we least expect it. What makes matters worse is when we have to deal with funeral arrangements at such a difficult time. Funeral expenses can be quite daunting, to say the least, and information on such expenses is often lacking as well. Many people who have had to deal with a death are often surprised at the costs associated with funerals and funeral arrangements. Here, then, is what you really need to know about funeral costs in the UK.

The cost of the funeral director

The funeral director plays an important role, as they arrange many details of the funeral, including making sure the funeral goes smoothly and making sure that all paperwork is fixed. The funeral director is also in charge of collecting the body and caring for it, and they are also in charge of making arrangements for the coffin as well as the required transport. On average, expect to pay around £2,500 for a funeral director’s services.

The cost of the cremation or burial fee

Another cost is the cost of the cremation or burial fee. These fees are paid directly to the local council and not to the funeral director, and fees may also depend on your area of residence. If you choose to have a burial plot, the cost can be about £3,000 or more. The fee for cremation may be less than £800, but if you opt for a direct cremation where there is no service, the fee may be lower.

The cost of the minister and the doctor

The minister who will officiate at the funeral service will often have a fee, although the fee will usually not be more than £200. Another fee which you have to deal with is the fee of the doctor or physician who will be the one signing the death certificate, although this won’t be too substantial either.

How you can save

If you are worried about the costs of a funeral, there are some ways through which you can save. Funerals on a budget are entirely possible and have become increasingly common. One way to save would be to choose not to hire a funeral director, although this is not as viable an option as you may think because a funeral director makes sure everything runs smoothly and all paperwork is finalised. It is more feasible to have a funeral director on-hand if you don’t want to worry about funeral details.

If you have time, do some research and comparisons between different caterers and florists; the prices for these can significantly vary depending on the region or local area. You also have certain options when it comes to cremation. For instance, if the cremation is scheduled on a weekday or in the early morning, you may be able to reduce the cost as well. You can still have a beautiful ceremony at a later date, one which can give your dearly departed the tribute that they deserve.