Online Gaming Trends For 2020

Last year was a busy one for online gaming in all areas, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. In 2020 we’ll be playing more games on a wider range of devices and new technology will enable better, more complex and more immersive gaming experiences. The way we spend money on games may continue to change, but the profits to be made will still rise, and fierce competition will ensure that the average gamer has a wider choice of high-quality products than ever before.

Casino games further penetrate the mainstream

The boundaries between online casino games and mainstream video games will blur further, as the former become more interactive and varied. There’s already a great deal of exciting innovation in this sector, as you can see at, but this year should see even more new ideas coming through.

VR headsets and live streaming will make online table games like video poker even more realistic: you’ll be able to see the other players and read their expressions as though you were all genuinely in a room together. Online slots will mix in more sophisticated material, including games within games that borrow from the arcade favourites of the past, plus film clips and story or character-driven sequences.

Expect tie-ins with the year’s big films, starting with the latest James Bond vehicle, No Time To Die. Look out for the increased use of AI to tailor the gaming experience to individual players, by observing their habits and offering exclusive offers and bonuses based on their behaviour. Casino games will also become more inclusive, reflecting the rise in female players penetrating what has been, unfortunately, a very male-oriented culture.

Subscription services

The launch of Apple Arcade in September 2019 was a real game-changer. This subscription gaming service allowed app store users access to dozens of games, including exclusive content, in return for a monthly fee. Apple launched with 50 games and has over 100 more in development, and they’ve said they intend to add new games every week. With new and established developers creating games exclusively for Apple Arcade, subscription-based gaming could soon be the new norm.

Apple Arcade’s main competitors right now are Google Play Pass, but expect to see more providers getting in on the action as the industry shifts from a product-oriented model to a subscription-based one. Following the example of the wider entertainment business and the success of models like Netflix, subscription services in gaming will appeal to families looking for a cost-effective way to meet the ongoing demands of several players under one roof.