Tanzania is an amazing country, boasting beautiful beaches, lakes and mountains that adorn its geographical landscape. Not only this, but Tanzania is rich with history and culture, housing numerous attractions like Stone Town and Prison Island. On the top of it all, Tanzania is home to incredible wildlife which makes safaris a must-do expedition when in Tanzania. Zanzibar, located at the coast of East Africa has numerous options for safari to the following parks:Continue reading

Making the most of your life is often a question of finding balance. Many people like to enjoy great quality food and drink, but if these aspects are not balanced out with exercise and healthy nutrition at other points, your health will suffer. Similarly, there is a need for people to find a balance in how they spend their time. It is important to work to bring in income but equally, you need to make sure that you have ways of relaxing. Having a hobby or interest allows you to unwind in your spare time but it should bring a wide range of benefits.

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No matter what your situation is, re-locating to a new area could be on the cards at some point in your life. It may be because of a wonderful new job opportunity. It might mean moving to the city for an easy workable commute. A city you have never been to before. For a high flying business person re-locating to a new area can be quite overwhelming. Of course, you have the job to go to. Which is a huge advantage. But it doesn’t make things easier on you. Not only will you be getting used to a new pace of work, you will also be working out your bearings in a new environment.Continue reading

It’s no breeze, a barre class will give you a full body workout that you’ll feel the next morning, even if you go most days of the week. The barre routine works every muscle, but is soft on joints. Just don’t expect your instructor to go light, this programme is designed to keep you in shape, and it’s very effective. Here are seven reasons why it’s a good idea to give it a go, you can always try a few classes with a pay as you go pass before fully committing.Continue reading

With summer just around the corner, it could be that you are nervous about having to bare all on that beach somewhere warm and sunny you are going with your girlfriends or significant other.  As ladies, even the least self-conscious of us find summer an especially hard time to manoeuvre through – particularly if we have gotten used to covering up in colder months and have not been as attentive to our figure as we would hope.

Even if there are only a few weeks left until summer officially kicks off, you can still turn things around and feel more confident shedding those winter and spring layers you’ve been hiding under, but it will require some work.

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