Perfect snacks for weight loss

Many of us struggle with snacking simply because it is so hard to avoid. If you walk past a lovely snack on your way around the home, there is usually a huge amount of willpower needed to avoid diving in. From biscuits to pizza slices (yes, they are a snack) there is too much out there to tempt you. Our aim with this post is to give you some simple alternatives to those heavy and unhealthy snacks. In fact, if you try these snacks, there is every chance you could actually lose weight rather than put it on.

Try cottage cheese with (almost) anything

We’re kind of cheating here a little because cottage cheese on pizza is just simply a waste of time. But if you have snack breads at home or those healthy wheat thins that you can buy in supermarkets, feel free to be liberal with the old cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is actually very good for you in that it constitutes around a quarter of your daily protein intake if you have half a cup. And because it is so good for you, go for full fat cottage cheese and you’ll have the added bonus of feeling full afterwards. We’d head down the crisp bread route (as healthy as possible) if we were to get the most out of this idea.


This stuff can be incredibly tasty if you get the variety that suits you, and it is also very good for you. It’s so good that it can be paired up with almost anything, and this means it is a definite winner in our healthy snack search. Grab a load of salt and put that with the hummus and you’ll probably be the healthiest snack junkie in the room.

You can also try hummus with pitta bread (wholemeal is best) for a very tasty snack. Just dip the bread into the hummus and you’re in taste heaven. And don’t forget that hummus does actually come in a variety of flavours these days. You can’t lose.

Banana and peanut butter

This is becoming a bit of a thing actually, as more and more people see the benefits of using peanut butter as a snack. If you can stand the taste (and some people can’t) try peanut butter seared ever banana. Again, it’s a taste thing, but if you like it, it makes for an incredibly healthy snack that is also full of a ton of protein.

Try the above ideas the next time you have a snack attack and you might find that you survive with your calorie count intact. The best thing about the ideas in this article is that they can be created quite quickly, so you’re not looking at a massive time investment. Give them a go, and pretty soon you could be a real snack ninja, with a ton of great snack ideas that you can share with your equally hungry friends.