Planning You Royal Ascot Party

With two of the big three race meetings already in the history books, there is time for you to plan a party for the third. This year’s Royal Ascot is just over two months away, which allows you the ability to spend the time and go that little extra mile in your preparations.

If you are throwing an Ascot themed party, here’s some ideas for you to consider.

Send Out Quality Invites

An invite never fails to add to the build-up and anticipation of a party. You have the time to create a truly unique invite which can be pinned to the board or stuck onto the fridge door for months. These are constant reminders to your guests, that they need to live up to their end of the bargain; be it fancy dress or bringing some nibbles.

You can easily find an online printer who will have thousands of templates for you to use and then all you have to do is to add your details.

The Royal Theme

It’s not called Royal Ascot by mistake. The Queen and the Royal family will be in attendance and that’s a cause for a celebration. Your own party will have their own royalty and you need to celebrate this. Make your party a Royal themed fancy dress event and see what fun your guests can have coming up with their own costumes. You will be giving extra credit to the guest who turns up as a 1st Class Stamp or even a large 2p coin.

Let them go wild and see how ingenious your friends really are.

Screening The Races

You will need to think about the best way to show the actual racing. A projector and large screen are fairly cheap to rent, or you could place TV’s around the house so everyone can see one. It all depends upon how you want your party to go. The big group experience or a collection of smaller, more intimate experiences.

How does your home or your venue lend itself to your needs. Sometimes you won’t have much of a choice and will just need to adapt whatever you have and hope it works out.

A Real-Life Tote

There is nothing more synonymous with horse racing than placing a bet at the Tote. It would almost be impossible to go and watch the racing without backing your favourite horse and cheering them home, normally in last place.

You could create your own Tote with your friends, or set up a dedicated area for placing a bet online. If you want to know the best odds and what horses are running in which race, you can visit site like this one.

Setting up your own Royal Ascot party is a great way to celebrate the weekend and get all your friends involved as well. Setting the excitement levels early, will help to build up the anticipation and to ensure that your party goes off without a hitch.