Proven Ways to Save on Funeral Costs

In many countries around the world, the cost of funerals has risen significantly. In the UK alone, the total expenses for burying a loved one can be more than £4,000. This is taking into consideration all the professional services involved including flower arrangements and hearse rentals.

While many people automatically plan to give the best final rites to a family member, it does not have to come at an extraordinary price that will leave the bereaved with the additional financial burden. You can have an inexpensive, but memorable and solemn funeral by following the key recommendations below.

Keep it simple

Not everyone appreciates an extravagant send-off. Sometimes, the lesser the details, the more personal and peaceful the ceremony becomes. Some services are not truly necessary. Some examples of what you can generally forego are expensive floral arrangements and limousine services. Smaller wreaths and DIY flowers can also look graceful and sophisticated. If you have to spend money, put the bulk of the budget on the more important aspects of the funeral such as the coffin selection and the cemetery plot. To take the hassle off your hands, you can also work with a service that will get you in touch with a funeral director like Your Funeral Choice.

Make embalming optional

Embalming can cost anywhere from £136 – £165. If you want to save money on funeral costs, you can make embalming optional. Check whether there is a need to have the deceased on display for mourners. If not, you can hold a direct service and have the funeral at the same time.

Alternative burial options

A majority of the cost of a funeral goes on the acquisition of a cemetery plot. This is one of the reasons why many people are considering alternative burial options such as cremation. In fact, cremation is a norm in many Asian countries. It saves precious land from being turned into cemeteries while at the same time reducing the cost of commemorating the death of a loved one.

Be prepared and invest in a funeral plan

This may sound slightly pre-emptive, but it is, in fact, one of the proven ways you can save on the cost of a funeral. A funeral plan already consists of all the necessary services involved with arranging for the burial of a loved one. By paying it off before the need arises, you won’t be ambushed with overpriced services when it becomes necessary.

Losing a loved one can be a very difficult time for any family. Paying for a funeral can also add to the stress of the bereaved. It is important not to buy into all the offers thinking that it will make the funeral more memorable. Remember that saying your final goodbyes to a loved one does not have to be extravagant. Keep it simple, invest in a funeral plan, consider alternative burial options, and make embalming optional; these are only a few of the proven tips for saving money on sending a loved one to their final resting place.