The Real Benefits of CND Shellac Nail Gel for Perfectly Polished Nails

Beautiful nails can definitely complete a woman’s look. Imagine a woman who’s immaculately dressed, with well-styled hair and the latest accessories, and her nails are chipped, broken, and unpolished – that wouldn’t do at all! For women to step out and face the day with confidence, beautiful and well-polished nails are essential. If you are operating a nail salon, you want your clients to feel and look great after a session. And although there are many products which can help you keep your clients satisfied, there’s one particular nail gel which stands out: CND Shellac nail gel. If you don’t have CND Shellac nail gel in your salon yet, it’s time to reap its benefits. Here’s a look at the real benefits of CND Shellac nail gel for perfectly polished nails.

What is it?

CND Shellac nail gel is a special nail gel developed by no less than a dentist, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom. A single comment made by one of his patients, who said that the treatment he was making use of smelled strongly like some of the products her manicurist used for her polished nails, led Dr. Nordstrom to develop a stronger, more long-lasting gel which many salons had long been looking for.

The real benefits of CND Shellac nail gel

  • A stronger polish

You may already be aware of nail polish products that don’t live up to par with your (and your client’s) expectations. Nail polish needs to be strong, so it can last for more than just a few days and be able to weather wear and tear. One outstanding aspect about CND Shellac nail gel is its strength. The polish lasts for as long as 14 days, and its colour stays as bright as on the day it was applied. There’s no fading or chipping – nails can stay well-manicured and beautiful for as long as two weeks.

  • Free from harmful chemicals

Another aspect which sets CND Shellac apart is the fact that it is free from certain potentially harmful substances, one of which is formaldehyde. Aside from this, CND Shellac is also free from toluene and DBP, which essentially means that your clients’ nails are better protected and are not likely to be damaged.

  • Easily applied and taken off

One other thing which makes CND Shellac nail gel a more viable alternative to traditional polish is its easy application. All it takes is a few minutes, and you can already have a good coat on a client’s nails. Furthermore, it’s easy to take off – in as little as 5 minutes, CND Shellac nail gel can be removed, saving you extra time and effort.

  • Resistant to scratches

Since CND Shellac nail gel is dried with the use of UV lighting, it not only dries in a very quick manner – it also stays strong, and the extra layer of protection makes the gel resistant to scratches. The colour stays shiny and vibrant for weeks.

There’s more good news: nowadays, you can buy CND Shellac nail gel online from reputable suppliers, and this makes it even easier to take advantage of this revolutionary nail gel to give your nail salon a welcome boost.