Should You Exercise During Pregnancy?

For many, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine is a huge priority. Indeed, physically fit individuals may reorganize their entire lifestyle to accommodate their workout schedule. Of course, staying active is good for you. It helps you stay healthy, relieves stress, and improves mood. But not everyone can exercise as often as they’d like. Pregnant women, for instance, should be careful about their exercise habits. Today, we’ll address the issue of exercise during pregnancy and explain once and for all if it’s safe. 

Working Out During Pregnancy

Believe it or not, most medical professionals do advise their patients to exercise during pregnancy. In fact, doing the right workouts can help expecting mothers avoid some aches and pains during pregnancy and prepare their bodies for labor. 

Generally, pregnant women should seek to complete a few hours of light exercise each week. The most common exercises include activities like swimming, walking, jogging, and/or prenatal yoga. Exercise during pregnancy is not geared toward weight loss, but ensuring that the body gains an appropriate amount of weight. And, in addition to the physical benefits such as reduced back pain, exercise can also help reduce stress and allow pregnant women to sleep better. 

Risks of Exercise During Pregnancy

Despite the fact that exercise during most pregnancies will prove beneficial, there are a few things that mothers-to-be should note before they set out an exercise regimen. First, certain physical activities are potentially dangerous to undertake during pregnancy. As such, any high-strain workout like very heavy weight-lifting is something pregnant women should probably avoid. Also, pregnant women should not participate in sports or other high-risk activities like skiing, horseback riding, etc. 

Lastly, some women may experience symptoms that prevent them from pursuing regular workouts during pregnancy. So women with high blood pressure, gestational hypertension, cervical insufficiency, or who are carrying twins or triplets need to be very careful about the physical activity they undertake while pregnant. 

Consult with a Professional

It may seem like common sense for pregnant women to avoid certain activities and participate in others, but the reality is that it’s important for expecting moms to speak with their doctor regularly about their health habits. Only a medical professional can say for sure if you’re healthy enough for exercise during pregnancy –– so don’t do anything without a doctor’s approval first. Furthermore, according to Dr. Hazan, women who are seeking to become pregnant should consult with their doctor even before they conceive. By communicating with a doctor early on, medical pros can give expecting mothers good advice that will prepare them for the rigors of pregnancy. Plus, they may also be able to offer treatment or recommend certain surgical procedures on an as-needed basis. At the end of the day, a few quick conversations with your M.D. can clear up so much confusion and help you live a healthier and happier life.