How Your Skills and Health are Enhanced with Every Minute Spent in an Escape Room

An escape room experience is truly one for the books – ask anyone who has tried it before, and they’ll tell you how fun, exciting, and memorable it is. Escape rooms are offered by different providers, and every room has its own theme, be it a historical, science fiction, horror, mystery theme, or other. Being in an escape room will definitely change the way you see games being played – and escape rooms offer a few significant benefits when it comes to your skills and health as well. Here’s how your skills and health are really enhanced with every minute spent in an escape room.

5 minutes after you enter

5 minutes after you enter the escape room, your senses will be awakened. Your sense of sight will be heightened, and so will your sense of touch and smell. Escape rooms are equipped with elements designed to awaken your senses, from visual and audio elements to smell, temperature, and physical elements.

10 to 15 minutes after you enter

In about 10 minutes, you’ll begin learning how to solve puzzles and understand how the game has been designed. You can begin educating yourself when it comes to learning codes, languages, and numbers.


In 15 minutes, you’ll start enhancing your motor skills. At this point, you will already be interacting with the various puzzles and coordinating with them. This helps improve your hand-eye coordination and fine-tune your motor skills, and it increases your spatial awareness, too.

20 to 30 minutes after you enter

Once you have already determined the escape room’s features and functions, you’ll start communicating with your team and listening to each other’s views. Your skills in communication are improved, and you can learn to interact with others in a more ‘democratic’ fashion. In 25 minutes, you’ll also be faced with bigger, more complex puzzles, and these puzzles (which are mostly mechanical) can also help improve your balance and the coordination of your limbs. You’re actually getting some physical exercise in about 30 minutes, since bigger puzzles may need to be physically traversed.

35 to 40 minutes after you enter

After your physical exertions, the escape room experience will often present you with puzzles that require more critical or lateral thinking. You need to get through the challenge by thinking in a way that you would not normally think, which enhances your creativity and ingenuity. Aside from this, you’ll be enhancing your cognitive functions because you’re trying to solve more complex problems.

45 to 60 minutes after you enter

Your remaining minutes in the escape room will allow you to enhance your memory, as you’ll try recalling the answers to prior puzzles. Additionally, you’ll be enhancing your patience since you know very well that time is almost out, and you have to persevere in order to win. Time management has become essential at this point, and this lets you improve your multi-tasking skills as well. In 60 minutes, if you’re lucky, you will already have finished the game – and the sense of accomplishment and happiness you get when escaping from an escape room is truly one-of-a-kind.