It’s Started And It’s Time To Act

There are certain moments in life, when you just know that you are finally getting old. They are the little things which your dad would do, the sayings your mum would make.

It is when you take a coat just in case it might possibly be slightly colder than when you planned to leave the house.’

It could be when you are stood at the checkout and instead of just bringing out your card and putting the whole bill on it, you pull out a coin purse and attempt to make the exact total with all of the loose change you have collected over the years.

My moment came last week when I was in the barbers. It was all going completely normal, he was just trimming the sides and then he took a slight detour into the inside of my ear.

I sat still and had no idea what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Am I meant to twist my head so that the hair dresser can get the scissors right up to my ear drum?

I really had no idea how I was meant to respond. My hair dresser did not help though. He remained completely lost in his job. Talking was clearly not his priority.

It got me thinking about the other side of the coin. I wondered what I would do when I started to lose my hair. I mean there are the obvious choices, buy why shave it off when mother nature is already helping you out.

It would certainly beat the endless questions about the comb-over you were trying to rock.

But what would happen if you were losing all of your hair? What if you had the real battle with it. The top was thinning, the sides were going and there wasn’t even enough for the classic monk cut?

Who would you turn to then?

There are options and there are a wide variety of solutions. You could opt for an eyebrow transplantation  or get the hairs back on your legs after years of being smooth.

Unfortunately, losing hair is a part of getting old and it is something which will happen to every single last one of us. The only saving grace, is that we are not alone and there are people to go to when you are ready for some professional help and advice