Why Staying Fit Is So Important, Especially As You Grow Older

Everyone knows staying fit is important, it’s doubly so for people that grow older. By keeping your fitness up you have a great chance of increasing both your physical and mental health, leading to a happier and healthier later stage of your life. In this article, you will be told of several ways to stay fit as your age catches up on you, and the ways in which doing so benefits your health.

Mental health

Fitness exercises helps to increase your mental health in various ways. For one; it helps improving your sleep schedule and helps you fall asleep more easily. With regular exercise, you also wake up with more energy, leading to a refreshed feeling. Waking up with more energy naturally improves your mood as well. With regular exercise, feelings of depression, anxiety and sadness also get reduced, so fitness actually increases your self-confidence as well.

While sleep and self-confidence are important, your brain is even more important, especially as you are aging. By regularly going to the gym or going on half-hour walks you increase a variety of brain functions, like creativity and being able to multitask. More importantly, exercise can slow down a lot of brain disorders and cognitive decline. It has also proven to help against dementia.

Physical health

Along with improving your brain functions and helping you sleep better, the physical benefits of regular exercise are debatably even more important. While physical benefits include increased strength, posture and flexibility, all extremely important for seniors, it also helps lowers the risk of a senior developing diseases like diabetes, Alzheimers, even certain cancers and many more diseases. Exercise also increases bone density, leading to you being better protected in the event of an unfortunate fall. Exercising also improves your immune system and helps you digest food more efficiently, helping your metabolism along as well.

Exercises you should try

While going to the gym is an option, there are many other ways you could try in order to increase your fitness. Regular 30-minute walks are a great help. Try not to go for walks on your own, especially if you are developing balance issues. Another way is by regularly having intercourse, of course, this isn’t as easy for most elderly, but it’s an amazing cardio exercise. Erection pills can greatly help in this regard. Regular fitness exercises can also be done at the gym with a qualified instructor. Yoga and pilates also make for a more flexible body, so don’t hesitate to find what works best for you and what you are comfortable with.