Staying On-Trend: How to Make Sure Your Winter Wardrobe Looks Stylish

When wintertime rolls around, does your wardrobe become a bit boring? Don’t worry. It happens to most of us. You certainly don’t have to succumb to the winter wardrobe blahs, however. Read on to learn a few savvy tricks and tips that will ensure your style sense no matter how cold it is outside.

Cold weather style

Imagine it’s the middle of January. The holidays have passed, and so has the charm of snow and slush. You’re all about facing the world in heavy-duty storm gear or hanging around your apartment in pajamas all day. Fortunately, there’s a happy medium somewhere in between.

Turn to Hollywood for winter wardrobe inspiration. Park City, too. Here we find all sorts of wonderful winter wardrobe ideas. When the Sundance Film Festival is going full tilt, Park City is chock full of celebrity fashion.

What celebs wear in wintertime

Jaime King showed up in a surprisingly stylish denim flight suit accessorized with a snow-bunny turtleneck and super cozy -and super fashionable- fuzzy jacket. Zoey Deutch appeared in a turtleneck sweater, too. Contrasting or coordinating, a great turtleneck is a winter wardrobe must-have. If wool makes you itch, slip into a silky camisole before donning your sweater. And simply forget about synthetics — natural fibers such as wool and cotton wick sweat and offer warmth along with style.

Blake Lively has been spotted in Hollywood this winter wearing a funky retro leather coat by Channel that brings 70s disco style into the 21st century, says fashion blogger, Marie Claire. Victoria Beckham and Peaches Geldof are just a couple celebs who go for fake furs in colors which goes to show that there’s no reason to eschew color just because the calendar changes.

Let your hands to the talking when you wear brightly colored gloves with a basic black and white outfit, suggests Stylecaster magazine.

Talking about your tootsies

When it comes to staying warm and comfortable in winter months, proper footwear is the utmost imperative. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for big bulky boots, sensible Uggs, or ballerina flats. You’ve got to keep your legs and feet warm. Winter is not the time for flirty fishnets, bare legs, or thin nylon or silk stockings. Once the mercury drops, bring leggings, tights, and over-the-knee socks into the picture. Ankle boots are a savvy selection for wintertime. Just be sure to wear fashion forward boot socks by BCS with ‘em. Ankle boots can work wonderfully with trousers, skirts, business suits, and skinny jeans. A great pair of socks can make easy work of wearing boots all day.

When the calendar pages flip to winter, don’t panic. You can maintain your personal sense of style and fashion throughout the year. When it gets chilly, layer your look with garments you can peel off when you step inside. Wear what makes you feel good and don’t forget to add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe.