How to Stop Your Eyelashes Falling Out

Do you feel as if your eyelashes are falling out at an alarming rate? Although some fallout is a natural part of the growth and shedding phases of the life cycle of your lashes, there are a number of methods out there to make holding on to your eyelashes easier. The average eyelash takes approximately 3 months to grow, but there are ways to enhance this process. Let’s discover some easy ways to stop eyelash loss ruining your day.

Break Those Bad Beauty Habits

Did you know that your beauty routine could be seriously damaging your eyelashes? Waterproof mascaras, while convenient during a sad film or during a rainstorm, can be notoriously difficult to remove. It is no secret that rubbing your eye area too vigorously can aggravate your lashes and lead to irritation and trauma. Additionally, long term use of waterproof mascara can dry out your eyelashes. Instead, switch out to a gentle formula for everyday use and use oil-based makeup removers on cotton pads to loosen any tough products.

Similarly, sleeping in makeup is a big no-no when it comes to skincare. Mascara can be particularly problematic for the health of your eyelashes. Coating your lashes in a layer of mascara for long periods of time can make them brittle and more prone to snap. Combine this with friction from your pillow during the night and breakage can become a very real problem. Furthermore, if you use an eyelash curler to enhance your natural lashes remember to take extra care not to apply excess pressure.

Incorporate an Eyelash Serum Into Your Beauty Routine

If you want to achieve longer, thicker, and healthier natural lashes without resorting to eyelash extensions, you might also want to consider using one of the popular strengthening serums and conditioners out there. An increasing number of people use eyelash serums to give their lashes an extra boost. Xlash is one example of a serum that can promote eyelash density, length and diameter. By pairing natural ingredients that boost volume and strengthen lashes, while also being kind to your eyes, a serum could be the game changing solution your eyelashes need.

Above all, our eyelashes have a natural growth cycle which is in constant motion. However, there are ways to speed things up and reinforce this process. Eyelash serums work by using active ingredients to promote the body’s natural protein structure, keratin, stimulating growth and strengthening the gaps between follicles. A dose of hyaluronic acid further enhances the regeneration process.  You can find a variety of eyelash growth serums in drug stores and online. Just remember to always review the ingredients listed and aim to do a patch test beforehand.

Improve Your Diet

A poor diet can lead to all kinds of complications where your health is concerned and the hairs on your body can often display signs of illness. To support eyelash growth and prevent excessive fallout, work on your nutrition. Hair is comprised largely of protein, and so your diet should be high in this essential nutrient. Protein provides the body with amino acids which in turn are needed for keratin production. Fundamentally, keratin makes your eyelashes healthy and strong.

Vitamins A and C are also essential where encouraging eyelash growth is concerned. By supporting cell and collagen production, dark orange and yellow fruits and vegetables such as grapefruit and carrots should also be eaten regularly. Furthermore, iron rich foods such as spinach and other leafy greens can also prevent eyelashes going into their resting phase. You might also want to supplement your diet with a multivitamin to ensure you get your daily intake of essential nutrients.

By making some simple changes and establishing healthy habits, you too can enjoy stronger, thicker eyelashes that last much longer. Ultimately, if you have concerns about your eye health, try to identify any culprits that could be causing your lash loss, and substitute these for more eyelash friendly alternatives. Looking for more beauty tips to enhance your eyes? Check out this guide to simplifying your makeup routine.