Take a Pay as You Go Barre Class

It’s no breeze, a barre class will give you a full body workout that you’ll feel the next morning, even if you go most days of the week. The barre routine works every muscle, but is soft on joints. Just don’t expect your instructor to go light, this programme is designed to keep you in shape, and it’s very effective. Here are seven reasons why it’s a good idea to give it a go, you can always try a few classes with a pay as you go pass before fully committing.

Stretch yourself thin

Whereas a regular workout at the gym will have you stretch the muscles you used before and after your session, a barre class will have you stretch every muscle from head to toe.

Shake, shake, shake Señora

During the class your muscles will begin to quiver. It might be an odd sensation at first, or you might be worried that you’re doing it wrong, but rest assured, the shaking is caused by exhausted muscles being forced to tone.

Barre yourself from injury

Barre improves balance, not only during class but when you’re doing any exercise or sport. Barre strengthens your core while frequent isometric movements flex the ligaments, joints and tendons. Barre classes are very safe as the exercises are designed to reduce muscle strain.

Barre for everybody

A barre workout is based on small moves which can be expanded based on the level of exercise you’re after. From old age to pregnancy, barre is the perfect exercise for all levels and ages as it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Even if you’ve never been a ballerina

Barre has some things in common with ballet, but you don’t have to be a dancer to get started. In fact you don’t need any experience with any sport; a barre workout can be specially designed just for beginners.

Barre helps you perform better in other sports

Play tennis the day after a barre class (if your muscles allow it) and you’ll notice your swing has improved due to hip openness. Run and you’ll feel you can keep going for longer. Ski and you’ll notice better balance and knee alignment.

Almost instant results

Many exercise programmes promise instant results, but few routines work the whole body quite as intensely as barre.  If you commit to three classes a week, you’ll notice marked improvements in your posture, arms, back, and thighs.

Barre is upbeat

Fast-paced exercises that are always changing, combined with cool choreography and upbeat music will lift you right through any muscle pain. Barre classes are always different and exciting. That hour of rigorous training goes by before you know it.

Barre is the muscle builder everyone can do from pregnant women to curious beginners. Choose a gym that offers a pay as you go membership and find out if barre classes are for you. You can find great deals throughout the country, from Lewes Leisure Centre to The Rapids Romsey. With ever-changing, fast-paced choreography, a complete workout and almost instant results, you’ll have every reason to keep going back for more.