How to Take Care of Hair In Summer

Summer means longer days, abundant sunshine, and plenty of time outdoors. There is a lot to look forward to during the summer months, especially when your schedule allows for special time with friends and family members. However, the sunshine and warm weather that you love in the summer brings extra challenges when it comes to your hair. If you are wondering how to take care of hair in summer to keep your locks looking great, keep these simple tips in mind.

Shower Care

During the summer, the time to start protecting your hair is long before you ever walk out the door. In fact, you can start fortifying your hair while you are in the shower. At Siberian Health, our Natural Revival Shampoo is designed to clean your hair and protect it from environmental damage. It’s an excellent choice for all hair types.

It’s impossible to have vibrant, healthy hair without a healthy scalp, so don’t neglect your scalp this summer. The Healthy Scalp Herbal Serum, which is part of the Siberian Pure Herbs Collection, is designed to keep your scalp flake-free while making your scalp and hair healthier. Natural extracts combine to create a product that’s both natural and highly effective.

Pampering Color

When you color or highlight your hair, you need to be even more careful during the summer months. Too much UV exposure can make your highlights lighten too quickly and make your dark hair look brassy or develop red undertones. Start your protection strategy by using the Siberian Pure Herbs Gentle Shampoo for Colored and Dry Hair, and follow with the coordinating conditioner.

Before you jump into a chlorinated pool or wade out into the ocean, use an outdoor shower or spray bottle to dampen your hair. When your hair is already wet, it will not absorb as much of the other water.

UV Protection

You know that getting too much sun can result in a painful, damaging sunburn, so you protect your skin by wearing sunscreen and trying to take breaks in the shade. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that these same potentially harmful UV rays can damage your hair. If you use UV-shielding hair products, remember to apply them to damp hair, not dry hair. This allows the products to really sink into the hair and be the most effective.

Covering your hair is a simple way to keep UV rays from reaching it. Grab a wide-brimmed sun hat for the beach, and you’ll look stylish while keep extra rays from reaching your hair and scalp.

Gentle Touch

Since all of the previous factors can damage your hair during the summer months, one of the most important points regarding how to take care of hair in summer is simply to treat it as gently as possible. Use a high quality brush, and never brush your hair harshly after swimming. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb, and run the comb through your hair slowly and gently to prevent damage.

Ponytails are a must for many of us in the summer when it’s too hot to keep your hair down. Only pull your hair back when it’s dry, and use high quality hair bands that do not cause breakage.

Our team here at Siberian Health is ready to help your hair look better than ever this summer. Check out our selection of high quality, natural products to find the right fit for your needs.