How To Tell If Your Guy Really Loves You

So you have been dating for a long time, everything seems to be going swimmingly, yet you are still waiting for him to ask you that all important question. Will You Marry Me? Four short words, yet he is taking a suspiciously long time in getting round to saying them. Then the doubts creep in. Is he the man for me? Is he biding his time before he meets somebody else? Does he really love me? You have spent time lavishing him with love and some fabulous gifts, but you still aren’t sure he feels the same about you as you do about him.

While we can’t tell you whether your man loves you or not, there are some signs you should look out for that may put your mind at ease. So while you are teasing him with the celebrity engagement trends of 2017 in the hope he will take the hint, these are the signs that will confirm he probably does love you, he just hasn’t plucked up the courage to ask you those special words you have been waiting for.

  1. You’re sat at home together, and a text arrives on his phone. His friends want him to come over and watch the football game with them. Against their wishes, he flatly refuses, because he would much rather spend time with you, despite his love of the game.

  2. He seems to understand your emotional needs instinctively. When you need alone time, he knows. When you are in need of comfort and a cuddle, he knows. He can read your feelings and reacts accordingly. Creepy? A little. Do you care? Not a jot.

  3. You go to the movies together, and you are faced with a dilemma. The latest chick flick you have been dying to see has finally been released, but so is the sequel to that action flick you couldn’t give a hoot about, but he has been talking about for ages. Without argument or compromise, he chooses your selection over his, and he doesn’t even utter a complaint while you’re watching it, even in the cheesiest of moments.

  4. You haven’t seen each other all day, and you have so much to tell him. Your boss annoyed you at work, you have an ‘exciting’ piece of gossip about one of your colleagues, and there is a new shoe shop in town that you’re desperate to talk about. While your news may not be of much interest to him, he still listens. He asks you questions. He looks into your eyes and laps up every word. Most guys would be bored to death ten minutes into the conversation, but he is still giving you his full attention. Its as if he genuinely cares about that new shoe store! Hint: he doesn’t, but he cares about you.

    5. You’re meeting him for a date, but your new dress is ruined because of the wind and the rain, your hair is all over the place, and you have mascara running down your face. The weather may be against you, but your boyfriend isn’t. Despite everything, he still tells you how beautiful you are. He sees beyond your windswept exterior and notices the ‘you’ beneath. He even takes his jacket off to keep you warm in the cold. What a sweetie!

Does he love you? As we said, we can’t answer that question. But if he thinks of your needs before his, and shows how much he cares for you on a daily basis, then yes, he probably does.

We wish you every happiness!