The capital city of the U.K

The capital city of the U.K which stands on River Thames needs no introduction. As a city which attracts millions of people every year London has something for everyone and that is the reason they say “a bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else”.

London is a large and a multi-cultural city therefore, its different areas are famous for different reasons and Londoners themselves have some particular views about each area, some of which are explored here:

North Vs South

North Vs South debate is not new in London. Due to the natural north and south division in London by River Thames the age old debate has never died. There are perceived cultural and economic differences between the people of these areas.

Londoners think North London is ‘intellectual, family friendly and cultured’ but at the same time ‘sub-urban and dull’ whereas South London is not only ‘poor, sub-urban and rough’ but also ‘up & coming and family friendly’.

Statistics show that Southern part of London is greener than Northern part. Also, housing in South is cheaper than in North. There are more tube stations in each borough in North but south has more railway stations/borough.

East Vs West

In addition to the North Vs South debate, there is also East Vs West debate in London and Londoners do not seem to get bored of it either. While the North Vs South debate is more about differences in economy and culture the East Vs West debate is based on fashion, nightlife and food.

West London has the most number of tourist attractions, entertainment spots, businesses, high end shops and government buildings and West Londoners love to remain up-to-date with latest fashion trends. In addition to be labeled as the entertainment, commercial and fashion centre of the city, West is also viewed as ‘pretentious, posh. Clean, cosmopolitan, trendy, pretty and the most cultured ‘area of London whereas East London is poor, rough, gritty and dirty’ but at the same time Londoners think it is ‘arty’. The term ‘East End’ is often used in derogatory sense as well.

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