The Dangers of Parasites

Human Intestinal Parasites


There are three types of intestinal human parasites that have the ability to live inside the small and large intestines: roundworms, tapeworms and protozoa.  There are certain types that will stay within the intestines but others will travel outside and unfortunately invade other organs of the body.  There are some that are extremely small that can only be seen under a microscope but there are some that can be up to a foot long.

In fact, were you aware that there are over 100 different kind of human intestinal parasites that have the ability to survive for long periods of time in the body?  As if that was not enough to make you go ‘urgh’ these creatures/bacteria’s are present in the environment thriving from the air, water and the food we eat and they all have the capabilities of causing chaos to any human body.

The World Health Organisation estimates that over three and a half billion people around the world are invested with some type of intestinal parasite and as a result 450 million are sick from them.

Although it is believed that intestinal parasites are contaminated from areas of poor sanitation it is very possible to get in contact with these from non remote areas.

Yes everyone can get them!

How can you come into contact with intestinal parasites?

Intestinal parasites do not have a singular way in which they can come into contact with the human body.  Some of these can live in soil for long periods of time and can be penetrated through skin if the soil is consumed accidently by someone.  There are other parasites that can survive by living on animals such as cows and pigs and is only when undercooked meats or pasteurised milk is consumed that the person will unfortunately become invested.

Dependant on the type of parasite it can spread to another person by human to human contact.

Are you the ideal host for these human parasites?

Unfortunately your body is the perfect home for these human intestinal parasites to set up camp.  With the majority of parasites you are very likely to know that you have them because they also produce symptoms such as sickness, fever like conditions and stomach upsets.  These parasites do not give up without a fight so if they were to be left untreated it can have dramatic results which include additional symptoms such as bloating and constipation.  They are also known to be the cause of weight loss, skin rashes, itching of the skin, and chronic stomach pains.  In the most severe of cases human parasites can cause infections to the digestive system.  So the best remedy is to try and get rid of them as soon as possible!

So how can remove these ghastly creatures for good?

The best solution would be to see a doctor to diagnose the issue but there are also a range of home remedies available to help you remove the problem effectively.  Herbal remedies can help supplement any vitamin loss.

After an attack on the immune system it is highly advised that you give your immune system a boost by replenishing it with lots of nutrients that you have potentially lost.  Try and eat lots of fibre and take Vitamin C tablets.  Better still eat lots of raw vegetables such as garlic, beetroot and carrots.   

Without stating the obvious to ensure you do not get an attack again wash your hands as frequently as possible and drink lots of fresh clean water.  When cooking foods try and cook all meats and fish thoroughly.