The excitement of the stock market

If you’ve always wanted to invest some money on the stock market – or equity trading as it’s also known, here’s a quick guide where to start. Always remember though that however much money you have to use for stocks and shares, you could end up being much better off financially which would be fantastic – but you could also lose your investment so take advice from a specialist if you’re not sure.

Online accounts

Perhaps the easiest way to start is with an online trading account. All you’ll need are your bank details and your debit card to hand and you can be buying and selling pretty much straight away. Some companies need to send you a password in the post first so check out how your chosen one operates and some may need a minimum deposit. There will also be a fee for each deal you carry out and this will vary from provider to provider.

How do I trade?

Choose the stock you want and you’ll be given a price quote. This is usually in pence per share. All you need to do then is decide how many you want, how much you want to spend and click to deal. The price quote will be in real time and you’ll only have a limited number of seconds to complete the deal.

What if I want to deal regularly?

If you’re going to be making a number of deals each month, you’ll want to pay as little in fees as possible. Check out the details of the accounts you’re interested in using as some offer lower deal fees if you’re planning to trade regularly.

I’ve been contacted by someone with a share ‘certainty’

If you’re randomly contacted by someone who says they have a sure fire share they feel you should buy as it’s just about to take off, walk away. It’s probably a share scam and is often called a boiler room scam. The share isn’t about to rocket. Build your confidence in your choice of shares by reading trusted information, watching prices over a period of time or perhaps join an investment club.