The History of Mulberry

History of Mulberry


A very popular fashion company founded in 1971, most famous for its leather goods, in particular the Mulberry Bayswater handbag.  This is a well sought after bag that every girl wants.

Years 1971-1973

The company was founded by Roger Saul along with his mother to produce leather accessories.  His mother gave Roger a gift of £50 and he decided to try to sell his designs of leather belts to fashion shops in London.  In 1973, they decided to open a factory in the south of England, Somerset where they produced a range of leather bags.  In the same year, they set up in Australia.

1976-1985 Clothing

The hallmark of Mulberry soon expanded from accessories to a clothing range as the Mulberry brand launched its first collection of menswear in 1976 and its first piece, a jacket was a huge success.  The distinctive jacket went worldwide.  1978 saw the launch of a womens wear following the success of designing mens clothing, displaying its collection in some of the best retailers in Europe.

2002: Bayswater

The beginning of the 21st century saw the launch of not just another bag, but a bag that was soon to be iconic, the Bayswater.  So how did its name come about?  It was named after an area of West London.  This has stood the test of time and has become a favourite by the likes of Claudia Shiffer and Kate Moss.  Most girls on the high street dream of owning a Bayswater one day, which has left many retailers creating their own versions of this stylish and unique design.

The continued success of Mulberry is owed by this bag.  Its success has meant that a range of colours are now available and the demand for a Bayswater has continued around the globe.

2005: A New Creative Director Aboard

Stuart Vevers was appointed Creative Director of Mulberry in the year 1995.  He has extensive knowledge of fashion as he has worked with both Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton before joining Mulberry.

In his first year of joining Mulberry, he was awarded Accessory Designer of the Year for his design work at Mulberry.  His success was short-lived as he decided to leave and join Loewe in 2007 and was replaced by Emma Hill.  She is proving to be very successful and has a handful of awards including Accessory Designer of the Year and Best Accessories Designer award.

2011: The Alexa

The Alexa was designed by Creative Designer, Emma Hill and was launched in 2011.  The purpose of this bag was to create an updated version of the Bayswater and its inspiration came from fashion icon, Alexa Chung who was spotted with the Elkington, a vintage Burberry briefcase.

Mulberry has grown to become a luxury high-end brand that is a well-respected British brand loved by all, including celebrities.  Mulberry has something for everyone with collections in both mens and women’s bags, ladies wear, menswear and footwear.  It has outlived many other brands of its kind and continues to be name set to make history.