The Perfect Pair for You

Did you know that a woman typically wears 15 pairs of jeans before finding the pants she is looking for? In order to find the one that feels like it was made for you, it is important to pay attention to few details. 

To help you find tight-fitting jeans, we want to give some tips. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Stretch is the magic word

We know that classic jeans that are tight and stiff are never gratifying and 100% comfortable. Fortunately, today there are many jeans made with a combination of cotton and elastane. This ensures that the jeans fit well,  without being too extremely tight and do not wear out after three time you wear them.

Dark colours

This rule also applies to jeans. Light jeans have the same effect as white jeans: they can make the hips look twice as wide as they really are. We are proud of our curves, but we prefer not to emphasize them too much. 

Pay attention to washing them in the right way as well: whitened stains can make your legs less attractive too.

Buy the smallest size you

Always buy the tightest jeans. If you are in between two size you should choose the smaller one. If when you put on these jeans, the zipper and the button close and you can still walk, then you have the right size. If you buy a “normal” jeans, it will be too big in a moment. 

It’s well known that jeans will be soon stretched out.

Avoid bell-bottom jeans

If you have a well rounded bottom, don’t wear bell-bottom jeans: this gives the lower part of the body an hourglass effect. Not flattering.

Go for high and centred pockets

You don’t want your jeans pockets to be low. These give the buttocks a sagging effect. The pockets should always be high and an important point: close! If your pockets are wider outside, it looks like you have wider buttocks. Furthermore, if you look closely at the back of your jeans, you’ll see a V-shaped seam just below the waist, but just above the pockets. This seam is the most important part of jeans because it ensures that your buttocks look more rounded and raised. 

So pay close attention to the shape of the seam when you buy new jeans.

Choose a push up trouser for that killer look

Pick up a pair of jeans that give you the right curves. 

The trick lies in the perfectly executed seams and the fabric. Among all, you can try Freddy push up trousers, that comfortably wrap around your body, as if they were a second skin.

The good thing about this pair of trousers is that you will not feel tight without any rolls and signs of underwear highlighted like other common jegging: every imperfection will be obscured and critical points shaped.

We hope know you can follow these few, but fundamental, tips to improve your self esteem and confidence so you won’t have to worry about anything.