The top 5 benefits of a digital detox

Our lives are already very busy with juggling work, children and trying to arrange a social life. Add into that the amount of time spent online and the days and nights quickly fly by.

There’s a phrase which suits our modern lifestyle which is that ‘being busy isn’t necessarily being productive’ and one area this is particularly true is the amount of time spent online instead of being connected to the real world. Checking status updates, sharing photos, reading celebrity news makes us feel very busy, but it all eats into the more important things we really should be doing which are the productive elements. The solution is a digital detox.

A digital detox means cutting the cord between you and the internet and putting down devices such as smartphones and laptops. It means not logging into social media constantly or clicking ‘refresh’ to see if there is a reply to your email sent a few minutes ago.

Many will now find this more difficult than they think, but there are many digital detox benefits; here are the top 5:

1. Spending time with family

Children grow up fast and spending time with them is precious. A digital detox means there’s more time to talk to each other, spend days out together and sitting around the table for a meal each night without the interruption of smartphone notifications.

2. Chance to see the world

Looking at the world online may result in seeing lots of photos of beautiful sunsets but it can never replace the real thing. Put down the tablet, book a last minute flight to somewhere you’ve dreamed of and enjoy the opportunity to see the lifestyle, culture and people of another country rather than just imagining it.

3. Improved sleep and enhanced mental agility

Research has shown that those who undertake a digital detox find that after the first day or so they are sleeping better. This is because their minds are able to wind down naturally at the end of the day. Without the huge influx of data presented online, mental agility sharpens and those asked report they can hold thoughts longer and keep ideas in their head from concept to completion.

4. Appreciating the small things

During a digital detox you’ll start to appreciate the small things in life again. Whilst travelling to work on the train, the countryside will look stunning and little aspects of life which bring joy will come back to you instead of being lost in the cacophony of internet ‘sound’.

5. Possibility of less medical issues

Too much screen time is being shown to be detrimental to health. In America, where digital detoxing is now common, doctors are pointing to the possibility that being online too much can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, stress and depression. No social media posting is worth this happening and the answer is to slowly introduce detoxing times into your life.