Things to Keep in Mind when Getting a Tattoo as a Travel Souvenir

If you love travelling and getting a tattoo, then you’ve definitely come to the right place (or website). Travelling is fun and personally for me, I make sure to take a piece of something with me before I leave the place.

Getting a tattoo is one way to permanently engrave your travel memories with you. If you ever decide on getting one in the country that you are about to visit, then keep these things in mind to make sure you won’t regret getting it.

Think Before you Ink

I know this sounds cliche, but you should always think a thousand times before getting inked. Tattoos are permanent and can be very difficult to get rid of. Sure, you can have it removed through a laser procedure, but that will most likely leave you with a scar or a keloid.

Think if this is really worth it and if you want it a hundred percent. Think about the design and if it means something to you. Getting something that is memorable and important to you will make it easier for you to decide upon getting the tattoo or not.

Choose the Design Wisely

Like what I have mentioned earlier, you should think about getting the design that you truly want. Avoid getting the usual tattoos and opt for unique ones – ones that would make you stand out.

Avoid getting cliche designs such as the sun, hearts, and butterflies tattooed on your body, as you’d most likely regret this decision later on. Instead, do your research and look for tattoo designs and drawings that truly represent the country or area that you are in.

For example, you can get a drawing of a map of the country or area that you are in drawn on your body. You can also get symbolism tattoos, one that represents the culture of the country or area that you are currently in. For example, this tribal tattoo artist, Whang-Od, does tattoos on travellers and foreigners visiting her lovely home in Sagada, Philippines. She lets them choose the design that they want, which all has meanings for her tribe. The tattooing method that she uses is old school – one that her tribe use to have these amazing designs inked on their bodies.

Whatever the design is going to be, make sure that you have thought about it over and over again and that you are a hundred percent sure that this is what you want.

Look for a Reliable Artist

Getting a tattoo is no joke and you definitely have to find a reliable artist to do it for you. Do not settle for what you have in front of you, instead, do your research and find one that you are sure can do the tattoo perfectly and just how you want it to be done.

Make sure that their shop is perfectly hygienic by giving it a visit before booking for an appointment. If you see that their tattoo shop do not abide by the rules and regulations of a tattoo parlor, then go ahead and look for another one that you can truly trust.

Remember, your safety comes in first, the cost or price of the tattoo should only come in second.

Research, Research, Research

Doing your research before getting a tattoo is very, very important. This is especially more important if you are getting a cultural symbol or a phrase in a completely different language. For example, if you want to get a phrase or a sentence tattooed on your body, but you want it done in a language that you are completely unaware of, then make sure that what you’re getting is the exact meaning or translation.

You cannot just rely on Google Translate alone. What you want to do is talk to a local that’s good in both english and the local language and ask them to translate it for you. This way, you would know that what you are getting is correct. Besides, the last thing that you want is to get a grammatical error on your tattoo.


Always do your research and ask around before getting inked. You will have this with you forever, so make sure that you are doing it right!