Tips to Use Crutches

Nobody wants to even think about getting in a state in which they have to use crutches for daily activities.

However, if you had your leg or knee operated on, or broke a bone due to an accident, your physician will advise you to make use of a walking aid during the recovery process. With the help of crutches you can limit the amount of weight that you exert on your weak or injured leg and maintain balance while performing everyday tasks.

Initially you might need support from a person while balancing on the crutches. With time, you will gain more control over your walking aid.

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Using Crutches

You always have to make sure that your crutches are in a good condition without any wear and tears. The rubber padding on which you place your arms needs to be comfortable.

In standing position, your armpits should be 1 to 2 inches above the top part of the crutches. While holding the handgrips, slightly bend your elbows.


Leaning forward, make sure to place the crutches almost a foot away in front of you. Move your body forward, while taking the support of the crutches. Then place the strong leg forward. Never make your weak leg a pivot, but instead use the strong one for pivoting.

Sitting Down

Slowly back up to a bed or chair until you feel the object. Balance on your uninjured leg, while moving your weak leg forward. While holding both the crutches on the weak leg’s side, grab the armrest using your other hand. Then slowly sit down on the chair.

To stand up, hold both the crutches on the weak leg’s side and use the other hand to push yourself up from your position. Use your strong leg to balance yourself.


Remember to avoid stairs if there is no need of you going up and down the house.

While moving up the stairs, put your strong leg forward first. Hold the crutches in each arm and place your weight on the uninjured leg. Afterward, put your weak leg on the stairs.

When you move down the stairs, put the crutches on the step. First place your weak leg and then your strong one on the stairs.

Safety Tips

While using your walking aid, you are more prone to slipping and falling. Therefore, you need to take some precautionary measures to prevent any accident which can aggravate your injury.

  • Move electrical wires underneath your rug or sofa and remove anything on the floor that can cause you to slip or fall.
  • Ensure that there is no type of furniture placed in your path.
  • Don’t keep anything near your stairs.
  • Make sure that you have proper lighting in all the rooms.
  • Avoid walking on a slippery floor.