Top 5 Cool Campervan Festival Gadgets

The festival season is still a little way off but if you’re heading to one of the big gigs this year in your campervan, or caravan, you’ll need to equip it with the coolest gadgets on the market to ensure you stand out in the crowds and have the best time possible.

Even though it’s still winter, dust off your favourite transport, check you’ve got the best insurance deal through and start making a shopping list of the must-have additions to add before the summer is here.

  1. Helinox Table One

Having a campervan means being clever with your furniture because of the limited space. It’s not possible to pack up the garden table and chairs from home when you’re heading to Glastonbury, but you can certainly fit the Helinox Table One into your van.  It’s constructed from incredibly lightweight materials and packs down to take up virtually no storage space at all. The genius is in the pole structure; it’s a single shock corded pole and you can take it anywhere.

  1. Big Big Body Wipes

Seasoned festival-goers will know how limited opportunities are to have a shower whilst away and there’s really no room in a campervan for huge, fluffy bath towels. Fear not, as the Big Big Body Wipes will keep you going for the whole 72 hours you’re planning to spend in a muddy field listening to your favourite bands. Basically they are towel-sized wet wipes which mean you can wash yourself thoroughly, avoid the shower block and then dry off in seconds.

  1. Ice Mule Coolers

There’s every chance you won’t have a fridge on board your camper, so this is the perfect way to keep drinks cool all weekend. Pick up a couple of bags of ice from the supermarket on your way to the festival and pour it into the Ice Mule Cooler. Just add your beer and it will keep it chilled for 24 hours. It’s a handy size, rolls up when not in use and you can even carry it on your back. It can hold up to 12 cans of beer or 5 bottles of wine.

  1. Flapot

You won’t be wanting to take loads of pans with you when you hit the open road but you will need something to cook with each day. The award-winning Flapot is the answer. It’s a durable 1.5 litre capacity stainless steel piece of magic which has an origami-style construction, is designed for outdoors cooking and will last up to 80 uses.

  1. Scrubba Portable Washing Machine

Whilst any festival visit will normally mean heading home after the weekend complete with a bag of washing, if you’re spending the summer touring different venues you’re going to run out of the essentials pretty fast and you won’t be the most fragrant of people to know. Stepping up to ensure you smell delicious all summer is the Scrubba Portable Washing Machine. It’s a foldable bag which all you need to do is add a piece of clothing, a splash of water and a dash of detergent and then clip it shut. There’s an internal wash board so just rub the bag on a hard surface; the bonnet of your campervan or even a rock and in just 30 seconds the contents will be super clean. Rinse in water and hang out to dry whilst you chill or take part in a festival session of early morning yoga. It only weighs 145g and holds the world record for the smallest washing machine.