Top 5 European Travel Apps

There are many great countries to see and explore throughout Europe. As you can quite imagine, the planning process of making a trip possible requires plenty of forethought—and the actual event of traveling requires even more energy and preparation. If you are planning a European trip, you can make your travel experience much more smooth and enjoyable with several easy-to-use apps that you can use country to country.

Out of the many apps available, these are the top 5 to explore:

1. GoEuro

GoEuro is the perfect app (that’s free) for planning your trip. It makes planning points A to B much less complicated. In a nutshell, GoEurope lets you coordinate which train or bus you can use by scanning all the possible routes (over 46,000) that are available in its database. Though there are numerous apps you can use to book a flight at a reasonable price, once you get to a location, GoEurope should notably be considered the go-to tool for navigating your way across a city’s actual transit system.

2. TripLingo

Any time you travel to a new country—especially in Europe, you are certainly going to come across a different language by the native population. Say you go to France and you don’t speak French for instance, there’s an app—TripLingo that serves as an instant voice translator. What’s even greater about this app is that it will even provide common sayings and slang in the language needed.

3. Cool Cousin

Cool cousin lets you discover locations only typically seen and used by locals. It’s so easy to just explore tourist attractions, but that means people also miss out on the true essence of a place. So whether you are looking for a good place to eat or shop, Cool Cousin can get you off of the tourist path and take you to all of the locations the locals go to.

4. TheFork

You can explore the menus, reviews, photos and maps of over 30,000 restaurants throughout 10 countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Denmark, Italy and Brazil). In addition to providing these services, TheFork also has a loyalty program that offers discounts at a number of the restaurant locations (discounts of up to 50%).

5. Monument Tracker

Going to a new place takes you to numerous attractions—and figuring which places to go to can be challenging. Monument Tracker informs you of historical places and monuments you can explore in over 60 cities throughout Europe. You can create itineraries, however, you don’t have to follow through on them by book—the app also alerts you of sights you can possibly check out within the nearby vicinity of a place you are currently visiting.

Before embarking on your European holiday, make sure you have your home prepared for your absence. A home security system will keep your home safe for however long you are gone. With one, you can fully focus on the amazing trip you are about to have!