Top 5 Popular Neck Support Travel Pillow Reviews

Many of us have an incredible gift of being able to fall asleep anywhere regardless the time, position of the body or the intensity of sound and light around us.

Before you curl up yourself in the plane, train, car seat or boat and go drooling in comatose, you need to ensure that the position you take will not hurt your neck. Clearly, falling asleep isn’t the problem for you, however, waking up with a painful stiff neck can be.

Enter travel pillows and all your worries become insignificant if not non-existent. Travel pillows are here to provide the much needed reinforcement as you live out your gift to the fullest. With these 5 best neck support travel pillows, you sure will have a good time minus all the injuries, pain and a stiff neck. 

To give you useful information, we took different neck support pillows and gave tests in the most popular travel modes; we took them to the air, to the road, rail and sea.

The different pillows were tested for various periods of time ranging anything from an hour to five hours. The checks also involved vetting the pillows for sturdiness, ease of packing, comfort and the quality and amount of sleep one can have while using them.

Top 5 popular neck support travel pillow reviews:

1. Travelstar Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow:

One thing is clear here. You don’t need the shade or blind. This is perfect for providing that extra darkness while letting you feel a lot more comfortable as you travel. He hoodie also protects you from cold.

The Travelstar Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton; something that makes it comfortable against your skin. The Hoodie pillow is also available in other colors.

2. Trtl Pillow:

The Trtl Pillow is an awesome companion for those that want to find the slightest excuse to take a nap while travelling. The most outstanding quality about the pillow is that it is super soft; it feels really good against your skin. The pillow is designed to hold your neck into position while you rest.

It works quite differently from the U-shaped travel pillows. All you need to do is to put it on the side of your neck that you want supported. The “Turtle” has a strengthened rib on the inside that will contour a neck of any size.

The pillow is half the size of your regular neck pillow and quite light. At 200 grams, the pillow comes with the convenience of being able to fit into your bag; something that is ideal for those in a tricky situation with their luggage allowance. As for your drool, you don’t have to worry about it; the neck support pillow is machine washable.

3. J-Pillow Travel Pillow:

Don’t be fooled by the unconventional shape, the J- Pillow is an award-winning neck support travel pillow. It is currently the best-selling neck pillow on Amazon. The whale tail shape will effectively support your neck, head and chin from the side while you bliss off to dreamland. The pillow also stops your head from falling backwards.

The pillow is machine washable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. There is a slap loop strap that allows you to attach it to your bag on the go. The J-Pillow comes with a product warranty just in case the unconventional shape is something that will put you off. On our opinion, you will not really get to use the warranty.

4. The JetRest Original Travel Pillow

This is an L-shaped neck support pillow that is designed to help keep your head in an upright position. This pillow works best in high backed seats, the kind that are found in planes and buses.

You can be sure that you will not hurt your neck if your head tends to move a lot while you sleep. The only down side here is that the pillow doesn’t quite fold to a smaller size. There is however a Velcro strap that makes it easy for you to carry the pillow or strap it on your back pack.

5. Trunki Yondi Lion Pillow

You cannot leave the children behind when it comes to sleeping on a trip. Children need more hours of sleep than adults do. It is good for their growth and development. The Trunki Yondi Lion Pillow is specifically designed for children of age 2 to 5 years.

The pillow is fleecy and car seat compatible. The pillow has two magnets that hold the arms of the neck rest together to prevent it from coming apart. This will ensure that your child’s chin is well supported thus preventing your head from rolling forward. You can get different colors and animal themes, something the children will find fun.

The animal variations include Dudley Dino and Koko Koala. The brushed mixture of cotton and brushed polyester make it quite skin friendly in terms of comfort. The pillow is also anti-bacterial, dust resistant and hypoallergenic.

These qualities ensure that your children have a healthy neck support pillow to use when traveling. Since children are more given to drooling, the pillow is highly absorbent and easy to clean.

Final word

If you are looking for an easy-to-use affair, an easy to clean pillow, a pillow that is reasonable priced and able to see you through several trips then our pick is the Travelstar Hoodie Neck Support Pillow. This product offers an all-round neck support and an additional benefit of having a hoodie. The pillow can easily be rolled up and fitted into a bag for easy carrying.

If you want to spend less on an ergonomic pillow that is easy to clean then you have the J-Pillow at your disposal. The award winning pillow ensures that you have a restful drool while on your journey while remaining conveniently light and foldable to allow you carry it around.

Physiotherapists and Yoga trainers recommend the use of neck support pillows when sleeping. Research shows that comfortable neck positions allow for proper rest, a good blood flow, better mental health and robust circulatory and respiratory system. Get yourself one today and get more benefits for sleep.