The Top AW/19 Footwear Trends for Women

With New York, Milan, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks out of the way for autumn/winter 2019, it’s time to reflect on the biggest footwear trends to hit the market and find out what we should be wearing during the colder half of the year. Each of the above-mentioned cities had something unique to offer, with designers showing off a variety of new themes.

This included the likes of Tom Ford and Michael Kors going back to the ’70s in New York, while Bottega Veneta and Prada focused on cosier boots in Milan. A similar trend could be seen in Paris, while Londoners sported chic kitten heels and strappy sandals. 

Crocodile Effect

While fashion labels are phasing out the use of materials such as reptile skin for the better, there’s something to be said about the high-end flair of a croc-embossed boot. Fortunately, synthetic alternatives are now available and they look particularly chic on a pair of ankle boots. Go for a clean black finish with a patent leather shine for luxurious versatility. You can check out the latest styles at Dune London.

Western Boots

If ankle boots don’t run as high up your legs as you prefer, then western boots are your answer. Few designer labels are yet to release their own rendition, which speaks for their popularity. Opt for a pair with a slightly higher heel and slimmer silhouette, pair it up with some leather tights or skinny jeans, and you’ll be runway-ready in no time. 


Western boots still not high enough? Well, your next best bet would be a pair of over-the-knee boots. Attico’s crocodile effect boots are a particularly luxurious take, with a clean white coating and a slim fit. If you prefer something with a little more flair, go for an over-the-knee boot with a thick outsole and even thicker heel.

Playful Heels

Going back to Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta, and the variety of other fashion houses that have joined the 70’s party, heels with playful design elements are all the rage right now. Balmain’s take sports a neon green transparent material along the upper and heel, while Dolce and Gabanna added a copious amount of jewels to their rendition. 

Strappy Sandals

To be fair, these have been around since the Roman warriors were running into battles against the Brits, so there’s no doubt that they’ll stay relevant for at least another hundred years. A more trendy take would be to pick up a pair of strappy sandals with some heel to them for those rare warm days. 

Combat Boots

Ever since Kanye decided that combat boots were a trend, they’ve held strong pretty well. Not only do they add some fearless attitude to your ensembles, but they’re also the perfect functional solution for zero degree weather. Desert tones are always a reliable colour choice, but shiny blacks tend to be more versatile. 


No guarantees that it’ll be around forever, but if we’re going to be looking at neon lights and driving through blacklight-lit streets like we’re in Blade Runner, perhaps neon colours do have a much longer future in fashion. Pick up a pair of over-the-knee boots in neon pink or green for a proper standout look. 


When it’s too cold for sandals and you can’t be bothered with the discomfort of boots, sneakers will always be trendy enough to save the day. Athletic looks are particularly fashionable at the moment, while most designer labels are still making styles that might not be around for much longer, but are fun for now. 


It would be near impossible to pinpoint a single pair of shoes to prioritise on your shopping list, but any of these options are sure to do the trick. Just don’t forget to buy some warm clothes while you’re at it.