The Top Benefits of Renting a Catered Chateau

If you are a big Francophile, then the prospect of living in a genuine French chateau could be highly appealing. You have probably already seen plenty of French chateaus, such as in movies or travel guides, and been impressed by how elegant, spacious, romantic, and steeped in history they appear. However, buying one of these buildings could be rather out of your budget, leaving renting a more attractive option. Here are some of the most powerful draws of booking a catered chateau.

Go back to the past in a beautiful building

Forget French toast or French fries – neither of which, by the way, are actually French. If you want to bring a genuinely Gallic flavor to a holiday, then staying in a catered chateau is one way to go. Through reading‘s detailed history of chateaus, you can see how these structures have origins which can be traced back centuries.

Initially, in France, the word “château” – that’s the French version of the word, rather than the Anglicized “chateau” – referred to a fortress. Fortresses were chiefly intended for protection; therefore, “château” was truly the French equivalent of the English word “castle”. However, during the Renaissance, it also became commonly used in reference to royal palaces, mansions, and stately homes, as elegant living could be enjoyed in fortified buildings.

By the late seventeenth century, when the château of Versailles was under construction, these residences had been shed of visual similarities to medieval castles, as their requirement for fortification had practically disappeared. As a result, “château” became commonly associated with elegant palaces. Hence, you can enjoy a strong taste of French history by booking a venue like Château Bouffémont, the construction of which was during the nineteenth century.

Delicious food and drink can be more readily accessible

If you are salivating over the idea of a stay in France, one big reason could be the succulent cuisine. However, arranging for a good supply of food and drink in your rented chateau could become a convoluted process that takes away precious time and relaxation. Therefore, you could opt for a venue where catering is already provided. The Telegraph notes the recently increased popularity of “all-inclusive” experiences abroad, attributing this rise to “their convenience and affordability”.

By way of example, with a wedding at Château Bouffémont, champagne and wine can be at close hand, allowing you to more quickly and easily taste either at the venue itself. There, you can also take cooking classes – great for picking up some culinary knowhow which could serve you well back home.

However, this particular chateau is also on the French capital’s outskirts; hence, if you would like to head into central Paris to source some extra French-themed food and drink, this is well within possibility. Imagine how soothing it could be to return to the chateau and gently sip from a glass of wine in the beautiful manicured French gardens provided when you rent with Château Bouffémont. The building can be exclusively yours to use during your entire stay.