Travelling the World

Travelling the World

Travel around the world as a local

If you were to travel for long enough, one day you will wake up from your dream to realise that this dream is in fact a reality and no longer a holiday but it is your life.

As the saying goes “no man is an island” but for many thousands of people each year that are living their dreams and taking the plunge to travel around the world it can sometimes feel like it.  What you wear, your accent, your timing and your mannerism are all things that can set you apart from the locals making it very difficult to immerse yourself into a whole new country.  But will a little bit of research and some strategic adjustments you can very easily find yourself blending in, rubbing shoulders with the locals and truly become a piece of the country you are exploring.

We take a look in which you can blend in and see the country of your choice like a local:

Dress the part

Before you pack your summer wardrobe which for the ladies can include an array of bikinis, shorts and sandals and for the men it may be your Speedos, your favourite shorts and T shirt you should look on sites such as Flickr for dress codes for your chosen country and search the web for etiquette guides.  Even in situations where you can not pull off the local dress because not many people have a salwar kameez in their wardrobe you should ensure that you dress in the spirit of the destination.

Keep the volume down

Us English although are modest we tend to be very loud talkers.  Maybe it is a combination of the open spaces or the city airs that make us speak much louder than we need to.  Whatever the reason our volume would tend to distinguish us from the locals in lots of destinations.  By turning the volume down a notch you are very likely to blend in much better.

Research customs

Whatever you do try and avoid giving the thumbs up to the Greek and try and not point with your index finger at the Philippines.  Or further still don’t touch anyone’s head in Thailand.  Clueless travellers tend to stumble into a cultural faux pas but this can be avoided by reading up on the local customs.  Not only will a quick read on greetings, hand gestures and body language save you from unwittingly offending the local people around you it is the perfect window to be the perfect visitor.

Move at the same pace of your chosen destination

Not only can you look out of place when waking at a different speed to the locals but you will also look slightly crazy.  Give your chance to get a feel for the place and notice the speed at which day to day life is conducted.  OK so you may need to slow down or even step the pace up in some countries but the payoff is huge.  It is only when you walk, talk and live the speed of the country that you properly appreciate its uniqueness.