Winter Gloves 2019 – Styles to look out for!

With winter well and truly here in the UK, thoughts turn towards the cold weather set to hit the UK in 2019 and 2020. It is important to have a range of clothing available to keep you warm on the coldest of days. One thing that people often forget about when it comes to planning their winter outfit is gloves. Gloves are not only essential from a practical point of view but allow people to make a big fashion statement. Although your opinion of gloves may be somewhat narrow there are actually some interesting, quirky and unique gloves out there allowing you to look and feel your best this winter. 

Sheepskin Lined Gloves

Sheepskin gloves provide softness warmth and style in abundance this winter. Sheepskin is a great insulator for heat whilst also providing the glove wearer with a soft material for their hands to be in contact with. Perfect to wear in a range of weather conditions from severe snow to pouring rain. These gloves are a great way to make a statement this winter and also stay warm at the same table.

Touch Screen Compatible Gloves

Ever tried to use your smartphone whilst wearing a pair of gloves? Nearly everyone has a smartphone in today’s day and age and being able to use this during winter is extremely important. With common gloves, you are unable to use your smartphone because of the technology used behind the gloves. Mobile phone screens use capacitive touch which works through the actual touch of a finger on the screen. The way smartphone gloves work is by using a material that is constructed with conductive material so that the fingertips are registered to allow you to use your smartphone with ease.

Luxury Leather Gloves

Luxury leather gloves are a smart and practical addition to a winter outfit. There are multiple types of leather out there all of which appeal to different people. Doing the research and deciding which appeals to you prior to ordering can save you money and time. Known for their elegance and timelessness, luxury leather gloves are the perfect addition to an outfit for those who are looking to make a statement. A snug and often fleeced fit provides the user with warmth and classic styling. 

Make sure you measure your gloves 

With all gloves there comes different sizes, the size you are for one manufacturer compared to another can sometimes be extremely different. For this reason, we strongly recommend that everyone measures their glove size based on the brand of glove you are buying. Asking the company you are buying your gloves from for their sizing guide can save you time on returning the wrong sized gloves.

We strongly recommend that people consider what they want from their gloves – If touchscreens are a priority for you then gloves that allow you to still use your phone are of the utmost importance. If style is your main reason for choosing gloves then opting for the luxury leather gloves should be top of your wishlist. In addition to this, the sheepskin-lined gloves provide warmth in the coldest of temperatures and we encourage you to try different gloves prior to purchasing a decent pair.