It’s Winter… Time To Pack For The Beach!

You heard us! It may sound crazy, but we at House of Silver are here to persuade you that whatever all the adverts say, winter is the perfect time to head on down to the coast for some sea-break fun. We’ve tried it, ad it’s completely revolutionised our holiday life. Some of our best memories come from rocking the waves in early February. But don’t just take our word for it—here are six reasons why you should consider a sea break in winter:

It’s cheap

While this seems obvious, people are constantly surprised by just how much cheaper it is to hit the beach outside the summer hols. It’s well known that all the prices shoot sky-high the moment school breaks up, but even if you’re heading out for a leisurely kids-free weekend during summer term time (or sneaking the little ones out a few days early!) you’re still paying multiple times what the same holiday would have cost you three months earlier.

No crowds!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that beaches get busy, and, let’s face it, the crowds have ruined more than one holiday. You’ll spend more time sitting in traffic than you will actually on the beach—and when you finally get there, it will be so crowded that you can’t even see the sea. Going in the early months means that you have whole beaches and cliffs all to yourself, making the English coast like your own private resort. Maybe you can’t suntan in January, but often you can’t in August, either, what with the crowds of families and wind shelters and thrown sand blocking out the sun! Off the beach, you’ll find a whole world opened up to you. You’ll be able to access all the most popular destinations with ease; after summers spent queuing for hours on the roads outside Lyme Regis, this holiday we finally got the chance to properly explore this historic town.

It’s relaxing

Holidays are for recharging, particularly if you’re off to enjoy the seaside. And why not? They’re the perfect summer holiday spot for all your family fun… right? But odds are, you’ve nearly always left the beach behind more stressed than when you arrived—particularly if you have kids! There’s nothing quite like the anxiety of keeping track of all your little ones, making sure everyone’s got their cosies and trying to find a parking space that isn’t an hour’s walk away. Then there’s the added pressure of fighting off seagulls trying to steal your super-pricey fish and chips while at the same time trying to reach the sun-screen—and don’t forget, your parking tickets runs out soon! No, without the crowds, high prices and general fuss of summer holidays on the seaside, you’ll actually be able to relax and recharge while enjoying the beach without distractions.

Not just the sea

Yep, the water might be a little nippy in January, but there’s more to your seaside holiday than just the sea. These fabulous holiday destinations have so much to enjoy and discover, meaning you could be there a week and not get bored. For example, when we went to Minehead, we had a brilliant time at places like amazing ancient National Trust
Dunster Castle. We spent one day going fossiling along the beach and found some fantastic finds!

Fun for all generations

Holidays are for all the family, meaning you want something that’s good for everyone. The kids need to be kept cheerful, but it’s a holiday for you, too! And if you’re bringing any older parents or relatives along as well, you might find that a crowded beach doesn’t exactly suit everybody anymore. Going down in winter means there’s more to occupy everyone: the kids can have fun building sandcastles, but the cheap prices and lack of crowds mean that everyone (particularly the older grownups!) can enjoy all the seaside facilities that are usually overcrowded and overpriced. That’s right—from fun family workshops at the aquarium to discounted spa sessions, you’re in for a treat.

Find inspiration (and yourself)

For millennia, nature (and particularly the sea) has proved rich and fertile ground for artistic and personal inspiration. We are so lucky to have such amazing natural phenomena on our doorstep, or only a few hours’ drive away, so why not make the most of it? Seize the winter calm to head down to the sea and enjoy some time alone to collect your thoughts or find your muse. When we went down to Beer, the gorgeous scenery and the peaceful atmosphere combined to inspire us to make some of our favourite jewellery designs yet. Every time I look at this new Ammonite Pendant , for example, I’m filled with happy memories of my holiday with my family, as well as pride.

So what are you waiting for? Whatever you might have expected, we hope you’ve seen that winter at the seaside is actually just as good—if not better—than the summer holidays. Our holiday to Lyme Regis was one of the best we’ve ever had, despite the fact that it was January. Tell us: have any of you experimented with going on holiday in the off-season? Where did you go, and what were your thoughts?