Women or Men: Who Plays the Lottery More?

Why are people all over the world so excited about playing the lottery? Although most of us are aware that the odds of winning the top lottery prize are infinitesimal, we can’t help but play, especially when the jackpot prizes are astronomical. The higher the prize, the higher the interest. After all, winning a lottery jackpot would change our lives around. Week after week we buy our tickets with the hope that in the very next draw, our wildest dreams will come true.

Who is more likely to play the lottery? Men or women? Older people or younger people? The rich, the poor, those with jobs, or the unemployed?

If you think that those with limited finances are more likely to play, you are correct. According to the Journal of Gambling Studies, the “poor are still the leading patron of the lottery.” A more comprehensive study conducted in 2012, also published in that same journal, produced some similar findings. The study found that minorities had the highest proportion of gambling on the lottery and those in the lowest fifth in terms of socioeconomic status had the “highest rate of lottery gambling.”

What about men vs. women? Interestingly enough, statistics show that men are more likely to play the lottery than women. This finding was confirmed in by Vision Critical in 2013. “Men are more likely to play the lottery (55 percent vs 42 percent of women),” their study said, adding that “men are more receptive to lottery online gaming.”

Does age affect lottery play? While one study found that people in their twenties and thirties were more likely to play the lottery than older adults, more recent studies suggest that millennials were less likely to play traditional lotteries.” Millennials reportedly prefer playing games with immediate gratification, such as scratch cards.

What else can we say about lottery players? People who are employed are more likely to play the lottery than those who are retired. And those with less education are more likely to play than those with more education.

No matter what the statistics say, when the jackpot prizes are huge all of us – young and old, men and women, rich and poor – hurry to the nearest retail store or to purchase our lottery tickets at theLotter.com, the leading online ticket purchasing service. This next draw, we are convinced, will be the one that will change our lives.