Working as a Chef in Bournemouth

As a qualified chef living in Bournemouth, in the south west of England, it can be somewhat difficult to try and find a job in the catering industry. Many individuals shy away from the idea of agency work when it comes to relief work. This is due to the fact that they are zero hour contracts, but what they fail to see are the many benefits, of which there are many. It is also worth noting that some chef agencies also offer permanent contracts.

1. You work the hours you choose

This has to be the major benefit when working for a chef agency. As there are no set hours you can choose your own to suit your lifestyle. If you don’t want to work weekends or evenings, then you simply don’t have to.

2. Plenty of work

The real beauty of chef agency work is that there is always plenty of work. People will always be ill or on holiday and chefs will always be needed. As long as you are flexible in where you can travel to, you will always have work.

3. Hourly pay

If you undertake relief work, although you won’t have a permanent contract you will be guaranteed an hourly rate of pay. This may then lead onto further work or a permanent position.

4. Varied work

Life as an agency chef is never boring. One day you may be working in a school and the next a well known restaurant. If you like to work in different surroundings and enjoy a bit of a challenge, then agency chef work is perfect for you.

5 Helps with choice of career

As a newly qualified chef, sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly which route your catering career should take. This is when agency chef work becomes invaluable. You can work in a variety of sectors in order to help you find your feet and the areas that you truly love.

6 Gain experience

Working as an agency chef is also a fantastic way in which to gain experience and to create a fuller CV. It can be difficult as a new chef to find permanent work, but agency work gives you the work experience that you need.

You just need to make sure that the chef agency you choose is trusted and well respected. One trusted chef agency in Bournemouth that offers both relief and permanent jobs, is that of ChefHelp. You can find out more about them via their website at