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Hi there,

Chicklish is a fun and funky Fashion blog just bursting full of unique and awesome content. I love to go and research about anything and everything. However sometimes I experience a mental block and that’s where you can help out!

If you also have interesting things to say and are looking for a new place to publish your content then get in touch.

As long as the content is relevant and appeals to my community then let’s collaborate! 🙂

To elaborate on the above I have provided you with a small ‘checklist’ to make sure that your collaboration opportunity will be applicable to my site.

  • Any content that you wish to publish on my site must be of high standard and make sense, I don’t really want to spam up my site.
  • If you would like to use images for the site then please make sure you have the correct license to do so, I would not like to receive any DMCA from an angry photographer.
  • Most importantly make sure to do your content justice by including as many citations and sources as possible.

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